Behind the Shoot: Sophie Shallai


This new series is a throwback to my previous shoots. I'll be explaining what the shoot was for, how I shot it and edited it. This shoot was with Sophie way back in late 2016. I thought it would appropriate to kick off the series with this shoot, because Sophie is a model I shoot with a lot, and this shoot was actually for Lomography.

This shoot has a mixture of shots I took with Lomography's Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens, and my normal gear. The lens had metal aperture blades which you needed to physically change to adjust your aperture. I loved the unique softness the lens had, but there was an issue. I didn't realise the lens was broken, or on its way to breaking. The lens barrel came loose and kept shifting forwards and backwards, which led to the lens not focussing at the distances it's supposed to. This led to it come apart as I was shooting with Sophie later on in the evening, and me having to go to Lomography - basically saying, "Help! I broke the thing you sent me to test, and I don't know how I did it!".

I did manage to get some shots that they were able to use, although I didn't realise I was shooting with the lens at 60% of its actual capability.

With the editing, I don't have the Photoshop files on me at the moment to show you screenshots of what I've done. In the 2016 period, I was retouching skin with the frequency separation technique. To edit colours and tones I would be using a mixture of curves, and a solid colour layer. I'd usually add a warmish skin tone solid colour layer at 15-20%, with soft light blend mode.

I just want to say again, I am so so so sorry Lomography! It was an accident, and I probably should've messaged you guys as soon as it became slightly loose!

Here's a link to the web post and interview: link.

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