My name is Leung-Kit, or just Kit for short. I'm based in London, and I've been studying and practicing photography for over 7 years. My main interest is in fashion and portraiture photography. 

CV Link.

Worked with Olive and Frank, This Sweet Year, GENEU, Black and Brown London, HUNTAR, BMA Models, Eskimo Models, Le Management, Leni's Models, Linden Staub, Model-Union, ModelsPlusLtd, Nordic Model Agency, and Base Models.

Featured on ASOS, InStyle Magazine, DEPOP, Drapers, Olympus Magazine, Boden Blog, Style Magazine, SANDQVIST, and Five Guys.

Previous Projects.

Eight Magazine.

In Summer 2015, I founded Eight Magazine. I found from working in this industry, there are so many creative and inspiring artists - some are so brilliant that I wanted to promote and showcase their work on a separate platform. 

Eight was a fashion, and art magazine focussed on highlighting up-and-coming creative artists. To find out more about Eight, visit: Eight Magazine.


In early 2017 I set out to create a photobook based on my journey throughout Scandinavia. The photobook titled, 'Scandinavia' focusses on the cityscape, and the faces of the many people I met on the way.

To find out more about this project, visit: Scandinavia.