Experimenting with Lights + London (11.12.2013)

Experimenting with lights + London (11/12/2013)

London. With university stuff happening lately, I felt like I've not really expressed why I chose universities based in London. As someone living in -I would say a small town, but it's not very small anymore- a town, there are a lot less opportunities for me to find models, to find creative work. From what I've seen on websites like ModelMayhem a lot of models in the UK are situated in London, the fashion capital of Britain. London will help me progress and experiment further in fashion photography by providing opportunities. As someone who's very shy, I think hope London will help me get more contacts in the industry, and force me out of my shell.

I never got around to uploading this experiment, so here it is! This experiment is for my A2 Photography Project, 'Colour and Experimental'. In this experiment I just played around with lights and tried to create some really unusual images. Some of these images are unedited, the ones in a square crop have been edited with the Polar Coordinates filter in Photoshop.

I loved this photo in particular. There's just a sense of emptiness and loneliness. It fit well with one of my artists I'd chosen for inspiration, Wolfgang Tillmans. A lot of Tillmans' work fit with the theme of nothingness. Nothingness in the sense that it's physically there but it's usually overlooked and uninteresting. The photo reminded me of two comets travelling through a worm hole in deep space, the beautiful nature of an event like this happening without any influence from man or technology. I believe things like this happen in the universe almost every second, but the universe is so vast that it's overlooked or the moment is missed and forever lost in time.